FAQ: Tasty Peach Character Enamel Pin Series 1
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!

When will I be charged for my order?

At the end of the Kickstarter project in 30 days, roughly August 5th 2018

Last updated: July 11, 2018 05:42

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate from 1 - 8 pins.

USA: $5 flat rate. World Wide: $15 flat rate.

Last updated: July 07, 2018 05:10

Why do you have items that have to be "Unlocked"? I don't want to be charged for something I may not get.

The Kickstarter was designed for 6 pins, the cost was around $2,500 for these 6. We set a goal of $1,500 and chipped in $1,000 of TPS funds to make it easier for the fans to get the project funded. The additional 2 pins were added after, and do not have molds ($50-$100 per mold) and the MOQ would push the cost up significantly past the $2,500 we needed. So if we did not meet the $1,500 goal + the stretch goal amounts we would have just done Hanaki and Bee Meowchi later on in "Series II". In order to do them now we needed additional funds to get molds made and add the additional MOQ onto the project. Everything done is always done for a reason. You are under no obligation to pay for pins ahead of time that are not unlocked. You, the consumer, have full control. Options are as follows:

Option 1: Don't pledge until Hanaki or Queen Bee are unlocked. Then, pledge to the tier you'd like to have, and you receive the items you want along with all perks.

Option 2: Pledge to the 2-pin tier, and if the items do not unlock then simply cancel your pledge before you're charged. You are out no money.

Option 3 (If you wanted all): Pledge to the 8-pin tier. If we meet our stretch goals, keep your pledge and receive all 8 pins. If we do not meet our stretch goals, cancel your pledge all together and be charged nothing.

Any backer is free to cancel, edit, or change their pledge at any time throughout the 30 day period. You are free to pledge day 1 and wait for stretch goals to be met and edit as you do, you are free to pledge day 30 once all stretch goals have been met or failed to be met, or you are free to not purchase during the Kickstarter and pay a higher price when they are available for general sales. But at no point in time is anyone charged for an 8-pin tier and then told, "We're sorry, the 2 Unlocked Pins were not met, you're stuck". Kickstarter gives full control to the pledging individual to spend their money however they'd like to.

Last updated: July 09, 2018 10:41

Isn't Tasty Peach Studios too popular to use Kickstarter? Don't you have enough money to fund projects on your own?

Actually, as with all resources, cash flow is finite. So while we have plenty of cash-flow to fund projects, obviously you'll never have infinite money to fund them all. Kickstarter works as a pre-order you see, and you've probably participated in those before!

Marvel, DC, Square Enix...heck, every video game ever! They all have pre-orders. Pre-orders are special events where you can order an item cheaper or with bonuses as a special perk to purchase an item pre-production. This allows businesses large and small to use this collected money for production costs! When Marvel releases a new figure for pre-order at $40 as a special pre-order price instead of the $50 retail price, and they sell 10,000 units, they take that $400,000 and put it towards production costs! Let's say the cost of each figure is $10, and they've sold $400,000 worth, they can now order 40,000 units for distribution even though they only need 10,000. It's a standard business model that has been used since the beginning of business, and works for small and large businesses alike! We figure if pre-orders are a good business model for brands like Marvel, DC, and Pokemon then it's good enough for us to adopt in our own way!

Kickstarter is also a terrific way to market your brand! On a typical metal pin pre-order we may see $500-$1,000 in pre-orders because we are only reaching our existing fanbase. Kickstarter allows us to reach a plethora of additional people, and we're already over $4,000! Have to get up pretty early in the morning to trick the guys at Tasty Peach Studios into not using a platform that quadruples your pre-order amounts in 2 days, right? It helps us expand our reach, get more pre-orders than we ever could on our own, and get additional cash flow while all other available cash flow is tied up in other projects. Talk about win, win, win! Win for the fans, win for us, and win for efficiency!

Lastly, take Giant Meowchi for a good example as to why we use it. We'd never guess we'd sell $150,000.00 worth of plush toys! And I don't think we have any jewels laying around (sadly!) so we certainly didn't have $150,000.00 just waiting to be used on plush, either. Kickstarter for Giant Meowchi helped us purchase thousands of additional units and bought us our new 13,000 sq ft warehouse in Mishawaka, IN that is now our store front, warehouse, anime store, manga library, and table top gaming facility! So we can't praise Kickstarter enough!

Also, just to clarify, Kickstarter is not some type of Go Fund Me where we're taking donations for products. Kickstarter is a pre-order platform, just like you'd see on any major distributors website! We just use a platform which reaches more people, which is what you want with all businesses; reach! With Kickstarter you make pledges, pay money, and in return you receive merchandise! So if you pledge $10, you get a pin! It's a better deal than paying $12 for a pin once they're officially in our shop. And we certainly cannot complain about the success we've had with our Kickstarters to date!

Pre-orders are very standard business practice. So rest assured, all available, flexible cash flow is being used right now for plush, shirts, wigs, advertising, our new store, commercials, and other fun projects we'll reveal soon! And we'll continue to use Kickstarter as a fantastic avenue to drive additional cash flow for other various projects that we don't want to hold off on until we have the actual available cash flow for!

Last updated: July 09, 2018 10:44

Wowzers, $15 for shipping for 1 pin International? What's going on Tasty Peach? Can you explain for me?

Just remember, not each pin is $15 to ship, it is $15 International for 1-8 Pins! Please see the details below!

All across the board with every shipping provider we've seen hikes in international shipping! It's a sad change for the fanbase, us as a business, and in general!

Tasty Peach certainly didn't just price out one service when researching shipping. As a great dinosaur once said, "oh no no no". We actually used Fedex for most of our shipping for our Giant Meowchi Kickstarter! For this one, USPS is still the cheapest option for smaller International packages. So we price out every available option and unfortunately small ounce packages are just that much to ship if you're doing things by the books.

Sure, we could mark as "gift", we could not mark it as "merchandise" like some companies and get significantly lower shipping rates. However, we know our fans, and we know the kind of professionalism they expect from our operations, and we'd never risk any type of government fee or penalty for it! We just have to find other solutions!

What we recommend for international buyers (and quite a few have done this) is buying in bulk. The Kickstarter lists ALL tiers as $15 for shipping (Crazy USPS, if you can ship 8 oz for $15, why not 1 oz for less?). This means you can order up to 8 pins for $15, split them with other fans/friends, and that shipping price immediately drops from $15 for a single pin to less than $2 per pin! Talk about a major discount for sure!

Last updated: July 11, 2018 05:45

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
No shipping updates are provided.
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BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team-BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

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